How Sun Damage Prematurely Ages Your Skin

Beyond a smattering of freckles and the odd burn each summer, it’s easy to ignore the effects of the sun on our skin. But, putting the very real possibility of skin cancer aside, the sun’s rays can – and do – wreak all kinds of havoc, all year long.
Off the back of research that found Australian women are ageing 20 years faster than anyone else in the world, thanks to – you guessed it – the harmful effects of our country’s high UV levels, we investigated the real effects of sun damage on your skin. This is what you need to know.
No matter how diligently you slather on anti-ageing serums and creams, if you neglect the SPF, all your efforts are in vain. According to the Australasian College of Dermatologists, most premature skin ageing is caused by sun exposure.
How to prevent sun damage
We all know we should be wearing sunscreen – but so many women get stuck on how much they should apply, and how often. Cancer Council guidelines recommend one teaspoon for the face (including neck and ears), with another teaspoon for each arm, leg and front and back of the torso (seven teaspoons total). And we’re not just talking about when you hit the beach: SPF is a must every single day, even if you’re just commuting to and from the office.