The Causes Of Dull Skin And How To Fix Them

If you’re feeling worn out, your skin will look worn out too. Dull skin can look grey, lacklustre and dehydrated, and is caused by a variety of things – many to do with the busy lifestyles we lead. Here are a few common causes of dry skin and how you can remedy them. As your skin is the largest organ in the body, paying attention to these areas could help you feel better too.


Once our skin cells die or dry out, they flake off the skin. However, if you don’t moisturise and exfoliate your skin often, it can create a layer of dull looking skin. Adding an exfoliant to your routine 2-3 times a week will help cleanse your skin of dead skin cells, so you look revitalised. And if you’re worried about microbeads ending up in the ocean, there are tons of exfoliants available which don’t contain microbeads, so you have no excuse!

Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep causes not only dark circles, but puffiness around your eyes as well. Getting enough sleep every night is good for your body, mind and skin. After a few days of getting 7+ hours of sleep, there’ll be a noticeable change in your mood, energy levels, and your skin’s dullness.

Use Hydrating Products

Face masks are brilliant for revitalising your skin. They hydrate and brighten, making you look and feel refreshed and glowing. Drink lots of water and look for a decent face cream that locks moisture in too.

Remove Your Makeup

As tired as you are at the end of each day, it’s vital that you remove your makeup before bed. Wet wipes aren’t enough – use makeup removing cleansers, face wash, toner, and a great moisturizer afterwards. You’ll feel refreshed and clean, and your skin will thank you for it.

Try Some Treatments

If you’ve tried some of the above solutions and you haven’t seen much of a difference, don’t shy away from going a step further by consulting a skin clinic. Skin peels are great for decongesting pores and facilitating hydration, while antiaging and other skin care treatments can do amazing things for skin rejuvenation.