6 Ways To Love Your Skin This Winter

In winter, most of the time when we’re preparing ourselves for the day, we’re most concerned about how will we keep ourselves warm. We do a winter wardrobe checklist and ensure that we have all the essentials, but we often forget all about our skin. Winter can be a difficult time for your skin and your normal routine may not cut it. Keeping your skin hydrated, smooth and glowing during the cold season is imperative.
Don’t let the cold weather wreak havoc on your skin. Try out these simple tips and keep your gorgeous skin throughout all seasons.


Because the weather is cooler, we tend to drink less water and focus on warm beverages. So, try to keep drinking as much water as you can, the same or even more than you would on hotter days. Your skin loves water and will thank you for the attention!

Luke warm showers & baths

Yes, a hot shower is all you want when waking up on a cold winter’s morning but did you know that a shower or bath that is too hot will often only result in the extraction of your skin’s natural oils? Try to reduce the temperature as much as you can and you’ll be able to reap the rewards later on.

Moisturise immediately after a shower

It’s not a myth that your skin needs more moisture during winter than it does during summer. Winter air is simply dryer than summer air is. So, a little hack is to moisturise your skin while it is slightly damp. Doing this will help you lock in more moisture and enjoy healthier skin.

Know your moisturiser

Make sure that the lotion or moisturiser you’re using doesn’t land up drying your skin out instead of making it healthier. If the lotion you’ve opted for has petroleum-based ingredients, then it probably won’t do much to help you lock in any moisture. Perhaps update your product to something that will have a greater effect, even if it means paying slightly more. After all, you can’t put a price on your skin, can you?

Clinical Skin Peels

Using skin masks can not only play a huge rule in hydrating your skin during winter, but it can also address other concerns such as rough or lifeless skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne. DIY or store-bought masks might be fun to make and use, but they won’t have the same impact on your skin as clinical peels.


Heating tends to dry up the air, making it even harder to keep your skin hydrated. Having a humidifier running in your immediate environment, be at home or work, will help you inject moisture back into the air and therefore into your skin.
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